What is a skim vac?

  • A Skim Vac is a plate and hose fitting that mounts over the skimmer basket and connects to a vacuum hose. This allows the skimmer basket to remain in the skimmer during vacuuming, trapping large debris and preventing the pump from clogging.

What is a weir flap and is it required?

  • The weir flap is a doorway into the skimmer. It has two functions: (1) when the pump is on and the water is moving, the bobbing action of the weir helps draw debris into the skimmer. (2) When the pump is off, the weir prevents the debris from floating out of the skimmer into pool.
  • Yes, a weir flap is required in order to maximize the surface cleaning of the skimmer and hold in debris.  Missing weir flaps must be replaced.  


Do we have any throat extensions?

  • There are no throat extensions for vinyl liner pools.
  • In gunite pools, the throat is formed with concrete and can be made any length that is called for in the design.

Can you use an aboveground skimmer on an in-ground pool?

  • NO. The testing, plumbing and mounting of each skimmer is different. You would not be able to mount an aboveground skimmer to an in-ground pool wall or the reverse.

What is a main drain?

  • It is a suction opening at the bottom of a pool or spa. Water is drawn into this opening by the circulation pump

How do you install a hydrostatic plug?

  • A hydrostatic plug or valve is placed at the bottom of an inground pool. Its purpose is to open when excessive ground water pressure builds up allowing the ground water into the pool. These valves are most important during construction or when the pool needs to be drained. While the pool is empty, there is nothing weighing the pool down. It is at this time the pool vessel is most vulnerable. Without a hydrostatic valve, high ground water pressure could lift the pool out of the ground.
  • The hydrostatic plug is installed upon installation of the pool, or when renovation work is being done. It is secured into one of the main drain ports. A pebble tube is required to prevent the hydrostatic valve from clogging.

What colors are available?

  • Hayward manufactures main drain covers, skimmer faceplates, return fittings and eyeballs in grey, black or white. All dealers may not stock the full range of colors manufactured by Hayward and a special order may be required. 

The warranty registration system won't accept my serial number.

Hayward's serial numbers for most products, with the exception of controls and chlorinators, are 17 digits long and begin with the numbers '21'.  Often these numbers appear on product labels with spaces or parentheses.  However, they should always be entered into the warranty registration form without any spaces or punctuation.

Can I install the Pro Logic™ myself?

The Pro Logic™ is a large, multifunction, high voltage control system. For safety reasons, it is very important that the Pro Logic™ be installed per NEC and local electrical codes. In addition, the Pro Logic™ must be configured (programmed) to control the particular equipment on your pool. Hayward highly recommends that the Pro Logic be installed by a licensed professional.

Which Pro Logic® model is right for my pool?

A Hayward Authorized Pool Builder or Dealer will be able to help you determine which model is best suited to control the equipment on your pool. The PL-P-4 is the lowest cost entry level system has 4 high voltage relays (to control high voltage equipment such as pumps or lights), 3 valve actuators, and 1 heater. Wired in-house remotes and a wireless spaside remote are available for use with the "P-4" unit. Wireless wall-mount remotes and wireless table-top remotes are only available for the "PS-x" series. The "P-4" system can be used on a pool only system or on a pool/spa combination that share a single filter pump and filter.

The PL-PS-4, PL-PS -8, and PL-PS-16 systems are usually used on pool/spa combination systems. They can be programmed to operate systems that share a single pump and filter or they can operate complete dual equipment. The last number in the model is the number of high voltage relays. All "PS-x" systems can control up to 2 conventional heaters (gas or heatpump) plus solar. The "PS-4" and "PS-8" systems also control up to 4 valve actuators (2 for pool/spa suction and return plus 2 additional for general purpose use). The "PS-16" controls up to 8 valve actuators. Hayward's complete line of wired and wireless remote display/keypads and the wireless spaside remote are available for all "PS-x" systems.

All Pro Logic® models are designed for easy upgrade to electronic (salt) chlorination.