How do I reset (or recalibrate) my salt reading?

Be sure that the pump is running and the turbo cell is clean (buildup of calcium or debris in the cell can cause erroneous salt readings) and that the salt level in your pool water in within the recommended range of 2700 to 3400ppm. A salt level of 3200ppm is considered ideal. Slide the toggle switch on the Aqua Rite to the “Off” position and then to “Auto”. Press the Diagnostic button five times in a row and wait until the numbers stop changing. If the system settles on or near a number that is close to what you believe your pool’s salt level to be, slide the power switch quickly up to ‘Super Chlorinate’ and back down to ‘Auto’. This will lock that number in as the new average salt reading.

If the numbers stop changing at a level considerably below what you know the actual salt level to be, you will need to contact a service center for assistance. To locate authorized service centers in your area go to and click on the Dealer Locator link near the top of the page. Select Product Repair, enter your zip code and select Salt Chlorinators. You should be prepared for the company you contact to ask you for your product name, model, serial number and date of installation.

How much salt does the system require?

The Aqua Trol® works best with approximately 3200 ppm salt, which is roughly the equivalent to a teaspoon per gallon. However, the Aqua Trol® will operate with salt levels anywhere from 2700 ppm to 3400 ppm.

Can I install the Aqua Trol® myself?

The Aqua Trol® is the perfect choice for people who like to "do things themselves", and can be installed in less than 30 minutes. If you feel you would rather have a professional install it--use our Locator to find one near you.

Do I have to use the pump timer? Can I run my pump 24 hours a day?

The Aqua Trol® will not generate chlorine if when the pump timer is off. If you want to run the pump continuously, either pull out all the trippers on the timer or else put the manual switch on the timer (small button near the center of the timer) into the "1" position.

Can I use the Aqua Trol® for my in-ground pool?

The Aqua Trol® chlorinator is specifically designed for above ground pools and it is not approved for nor recommended for use with any in-ground pool. If you have a smaller in-ground pool, the Aqua Rite electronic chlorinator will work fine, and actually cut its workload down considerably.

Will the Aqua Trol® work on a portable spa?

The Aqua Trol® chlorinator is specifically designed for above-ground pools only, and will not work with portable spas or hot tubs. We are currently in the process of designing such a system so please check back periodically.

What kind of maintenance do I have to do with this system?

Continue to test the chlorine level of the pool on a weekly basis. Adjust the dial of the Aqua Trol® chlorinator to adjust more or less chlorine. If there has been a large number of swimmers in the pool or the pool water is cloudy, you can put the Aqua Trol® chlorinator into "Super Chlorinate" mode where it will automaticially generate the maximum amount of chlorine for 24 hours. The Turbo Cell should be inspected and cleaned if necessary every three months or when starting up the system.

Can I buy an Aqua Trol® from the internet?

Hayward highly recommends that you purchase our product through a locally Hayward Authorized Pool Builder or Dealer. Improper installations can void warranties and Hayward cannot guarantee that products purchased over the internet are, in fact, new factory fresh, or un-tampered. If you cannot find an Authorized Builder or Dealer in your area please contact one of our local sales representatives and they will be able to assist you ia dealer or pool builder near you.

Where can I get a copy of the owner's manual?

Click here to download the Aqua Trol® Installation and Operation Manual.

How do I maintain the cell?

The Aqua Rite™ and Pro Logic™ both employ a "reverse polarity" to keep the calcium and other minerals in the water from building up on the cell. However, it is recommended that you remove the cell and visually inspect it every 3 months. In areas with hard water (high mineral content) you may have to manually remove the scale from the cell blades. Refer to the Cell Maintenance page in your manual for the procedure to clean the cell.