What does it mean when the "INSPECT CELL" and "check SALT" lights are flashing or on solid?

The first step is to inspect the cell and ensure that ther is no scale. Refer to the Cell Maintenance page in your manual for the procedure to clean the cell. If the cell was scaled, this may completely fix the problem. although it may take several hours before the red indicator lights go out.

If the lights are still on, you'll need to take a sample take a water sample to your local pool store for testing. The salt level should be between at least 2800 ppm. if not, you will have to add salt to the pool. For information on the type of salt and the amount to add to your pool refer to Salt Quick Reference Chart in your manual.

If you unable to resolve this problem you can arrange for service by following this link: Locator, or by speaking to one of our technicians at 908-355-7995 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).

What do I do if there are no lights on?

In systems that do NOT have a pool automation control, the Aqua Rite is only powered when the filter pump is running--turn the filter pump on if it is not already running. For systems that do have a pool automation control, the Aqua Rite™ is powered all the time, typically connected to a dedicated circuit breaker. Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped and in the "ON" position. If the Aqua Rite™ "Power" LED indicator is still off, then you can check the fuse which is located on the bottom of the electronic unit (units mfg after 10/2004 do not have an accessible fuse). Twist the fuse cover 1/4 turn to remove the fuse. If the fuse is obviously blown, there is a replacement fuse taped to the cover of the owner manual or you may purchase a similar "20 amp slo-blo" fuse at many home improvement or hardware stores.

If you unable to correct the problem you can arrange for service by speaking to one of our technicians at 908-355-7995 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).

What if I have no or low chlorine residual in my pool?

If you have tested the chlorine level in your pool and it is below 1.0ppm review the following checklist and correct any problems that exist:

The pump should be running and also should be programmed to run daily at least 8 hours per day. Shortening the pump time reduces the amount of chlorine producted.

The Aqua Rite™ "Power" and "Generating" green LED indicators should be on. Check that there is power to the Aqua Rite™ and the swiitch is in the "AUTO" position. If these indicators are off and any of the red problem indicators are on, you will have to troubleshoot the indicatred problem.

Turn the "Desired Output" dial up--this is your primary way to control how much chlorine is produced.

Check that the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level should be between 30 & 50 PPM. If not, it is important that you add stabilizer.

If everything listed above is OK and the chlorine level has been normal unit just recently, you may have to "super-chlorinate" or "shock" the pool. For small pools this is easily accomplished by running the pump for 24 hours and putting the Aqua Rite switch in the "Superchlorinate" position-the Aqua Rite™ will generate at the maximum rate for 24 hours and revert to the "Desired Output" setting. For larger pools, it may be easier to purchase the recommended dosage of chlorine based "shock" from your loal pool store

If low chlorine problem persist, you can arrange for service by following this link: Service Request Form, or by speaking to one of our technicians at 908-355-7995 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am -5:00 pm).

Why is there low, or no chlorine in the pool?

Take a sample of water to a pool professional and ask them to test the chemicals. We would specifically want to test the chlorine, salt content, stabilizer (cyanuric acid, also referred to as conditioner), phosphate level, and pH. Then contact the factory with your findings. NOTE: Hayward chlorinators need 30-50 PPM of CYA.

Can I use salt with Yellow Prussiate of soda?

Yellow Prussiate of Soda is an anti caking agent which keeps the salt granulated. As long as the salt is 99% pure or better, you can use that salt. Any further questions contact the technical service department for more information.

Can I use rock salt?

Rock salt is not an option. Rock salt has entirely too many impurities and could cause some issues with the pool water, or pool surfaces.

How do I clean the turbo cell?

Step 1: Deactivate the pool pump to stop water flow.

Step 2: Loosen the unions on each end of the cell, they should only be hand tight. If the unions are too tight, a strap wrench may be useful as it gives a better grip yet won’t damage the cell housing or unions.

Step 3: Once the cell is removed from the plumbing, look down the center at the series of plates to see if there is a white chalky build up (calcium deposits). If present, you can either use anything NON METALLIC – wood or plastic is the safest as it should be soft enough to avoid scratching the plates, yet strong enough to break up minor deposits. If the cell needs more cleaning then just scraping, submerge the entire PVC portion of the cell into 3 parts water and 1 part murriatic acid. This will begin to fizz, leave the cell in this solution until the fizzing subsides, usually 5-15 minutes depending on how calcified the cell may be. Once done, rinse the cell off with a garden hose. WARNING: Hayward strongly advises anyone cleaning the cell in this manner use protective clothing and proper eye protection when working with acid – also, always add acid to water, not water to acid!!!

Step 4: Reinstall the cell into the plumbing by threading the unions back onto the cell, be sure to make these connections only hand tight, just tight enough to allow the o-rings to seal tight enough to prevent leaking.

Step 5: Reactivate system and check salt content, call Hayward if problems persist.

Are the units safe to use with pool covers?

Yes but, pool covers should be removed every few days to keep the corrosive gases from building under the cover causing corrosion or other forms of damage to the pool equipment.

What do I do if the salt is too low or too high?

Verify the actual salt content with an independent reading and call the Technical Service Department with the results and the number of gallons of water in your pool, technical service will advise the proper amount of salt to add or water to drain.

Is cell direction important?

The cell can be mounted in any manner necessary (EXCEPT FOR TROL RJ UNITS – THAT CELL MUST BE MOUNTED TO THE SIDE OF THE POOL AT THE RETURN JET) be it horizontal or vertical, and the cord can be mounted upstream or down stream, the cell is non directional.