Is the flow switch direction important?

Yes. The flow switch must be mounted so the arrows on the switch it’s self go in the direction of flow. Also, the flow switch requires 12 inches of straight pipe before the water enters the part to ensure there is no turbulence inside the switch compartment causing the switch to display “no flow” in error. Also, the switch needs to see at least 11GPM of flow to properly close the switch.

Can I use conventional chlorine in conjunction with a Hayward chlorinator?

Yes, the chlorinator should provide all the chlorine you need but if necessary, other forms can be added to aid the chlorinator.

Will an automatic pool cleaner pick up leaves and other large pieces of debris?

Yes, the filter opening of each of the TigerShark pool cleaners allows for the system to effectively pick up leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool.

How often do I need to clean the filter cartridge of my pool cleaner?

To keep your pool cleaner running at peak performance, we recommend cleaning the filter cartridge(s) after each use. If your pool is especially dirty, it may be necessary to clean more frequently or during the cleaning cycle.

How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge(s)?

There are many variables to be considered but most consumers get 2-3 seasons from a set of filters.

Do I need to install any extra plumbing to operate my TigerShark pool cleaner?

No, all TigerShark pool cleaners are manufactured to be completely independent of your pool's own plumbing system because they contain their own filtration and an on-board pump.

Will a TigerShark pool cleaner work in any pool?

Most TigerShark cleaners work in every type of pool 100% percent of the time. Because pools come in various shapes and sizes and are constructed of many types of different materials, there are some cleaners that work better than others in some pools. Before making a purchase, we recommend that you speak to your local pool professional.

Do I need to install any extra electricity to operate my TigerShark pool cleaner?

No, TigerShark pool cleaners simply plug directly into a standard grounded electrical outlet equipped with an approved ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI outlet).

Can I swim while the TigerShark is in the pool?

While TigerShark pool cleaners are built with safety features that eliminate the chance for electric shock, we recommend that no one swim as is the case with all types of automatic pool cleaners.

If I need a few extra feet of cord for my cleaner to reach all areas of the pool can I use an extension cord with the TigerShark?

No, using an extension cord can cause safety hazards and may cause damage to your cleaner.