Can I operate my TigerShark under a pool cover?

Yes, as long as the pool cover allows the floating cord to move freely about the pool.

Will I save money by using an automatic pool cleaner in my pool?

Due to the added circulation provided by an TigerShark, you may find that using an automatic pool cleaner reduces the amount of chemicals needed in your pool and that your pools filter system may not have to work as hard to clean the pool - reducing your electricity costs.

What types of warranties are offered with the TigerShark pool cleaner?

The warranty period on Hayward products varies for each cleaner, however all cleaner warranties include parts (excluding wearable items and filters), and labor at no charge. Repairs are performed at any of our nationwide network of Hayward Authorized Service Centers.  Visit the Locator page to find one near you.

Why is it important for me to register the warranty of my newly purchased TigerShark pool cleaner?

Submitting the warranty registration helps Hayward in their process to continually update and design products to better suit your needs. Your registration also confirms your right to protection under the terms and conditions of the warranty specified in the owner's manual of your TigerShark pool cleaner.

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Unit is shutting off on “High Vacuum Alert”

  • Check for blockage of bottom drain
  • Check for clogged pump strainer basket, or clogged skimmer basket
  • Clean the filter
  • If filter is clean, and baskets are clean, press the “OK” button to re-start
  • Call for service