Error message of “Over Window” or “Under Window”

  • The system has indicated an increase or drop in the normal operating vacuum.  No action required, the system will restart automatically.

Error message of “Pinched Vacuum Hose” 

  •  Check for a kink in the vacuum take-off line
  •  Make sure nothing is sitting on the vacuum take-off line
  •  Call for service

Error message of “Stop Switch”

  •  Reset stop switch if unit is equipped with one

Error message of “S/S Vent Error”

  • Remove and clean vent plug (cone shaped device on the bottom of the Stratum box)
  • Call for service

Error message of “System Won’t Stabilize”

  • Check for debris in the pump strainer basket
  • Possible air leak in the suction side plumbing of the pool
  • Call for service

When installing a Stratum, should all check valves in the plumbing system be removed?

  • Any check valves on the suction side of the plumbing system between the Stratum and the suction outlets must be removed. Our testing has shown check valves on the discharge side of the pump had little affect on the Stratum.

I get a "serial number invalid" message when I try to register my pump.

Pumps often have multiple tags on them so finding the right model/serial number combination can be confusing. You want to locate the label on the main pump housing. Please refer to the following link for an example of a typical tag: The 17 digit number beginning with 21 is your serial number. This sometimes appears as (21) 11.... but should be entered without the parentheses and spaces. After you submit the form, validation sometimes takes a few seconds. You only need to click the button once.

I have checked the "hint" link and I'm sure I have the right serial number.  The system still tells me it is invalid.  What do I do?

If you are certain that you have the correct model and serial number for your product, and the registration form still says the information is invalid, go to our Contact Us form.  Fill in the requested information.  Describe the error in the Comments field, and choose the category "Online Warranty Registration".  A member of our Web support team will respond and assist you with your registration.

How will energy-efficient products make a difference in my backyard and my power bill?

Depending on the size of your pool, filtration equipment, and heating requirements, your energy driven equipment may operate up to 12 hours per day to properly circulate your water for effective filtration. A small increase in efficiency can yield larger savings later; therefore, the right pool equipment is essential to your power bill. Whether you're building a new pool or replacing existing equipment, your equipment selection can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Once I have my new Hayward equipment, what other steps can I take to ensure maximum energy efficiency?

  • Invest in a pool controller or timer.
  • Use a pool cover or thermal blanket on your pool when it's not in use. Evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss from your pool.
  • Add wind breaks to your pool. (A 7-mph wind at the surface of a pool can increase energy consumption 300%!)
  • Set your pool water's temperature between 78° to 82° for most applications.
  • Maintain top operating condition of your pump, filter, and heater.
  • Maintain proper water chemistry.