What would my annual savings be if I select Hayward 2-speed pumps?

Depending upon utility rates, pool characteristics, and equipment selected, your savings can be significant. It is possible to recoup the premium cost of an upgrade from standard equipment to energy efficient equipment in the first year of operation. For example, a system featuring an energy efficient high performance pump, D.E. filtration, and an induced draft high efficient heater can deliver a savings of over $900 annually compared to a standard equipment set-up.

Where can I get more information about Hayward®'s Energy Solutions line of products.

Please visit www.haywardenergysolutions for more information on our energy effient products such as the TriStar™ Variable Speed pump and the TigerShark™ Robotic Cleaner.

While you're there, try our Energy Solutions Calculator to see your estimated energy savings.

I am trying to send in the info for my rebate, but it says to include the warranty card. I do NOT see a warranty card in my box. What do I do now?

If you already have a rebate form, you can register your warranty online by going to https://www.hayward.com/warranty/. Write the registration confirmation ID number that you receive on your rebate card or print a copy of the registration confirmation email that you receive and include it when mailing in your rebate form.

If you do not have a pre-printed rebate form, you can create a mail-in rebate form online by going to http://www.hayward.com/rebates/. This process registers your warranty and creates a mail-in rebate form at the same time.

Why is my serial number being rejected when I try to register my new filter?

Many people try to register their filter using the serial number from their valve. The valve either sits on top of the filter, or connects to the side, depending on the type of filter. To register your filter, you need the serial number that appears on the label affixed to the body of the filter.

If you wish to register your valve as well, look under General Pool/Spa > Vari-Flo Valve for your model number.

The rebate form won't accept my salt chlorinator serial number. What's up?

The rebate process requires the serial number from the chlorinator. This can be found inside the door of the control box next to the bar code. Aqua Rite and SwimPure Plus serial numbers will have an A in the second position.

I'm having trouble with my Hayward Salt & Swim. How do I troubleshoot and decipher the LED indicators?

Hayward has an online troubleshooting application to assist you. Please go to www.hayward.com/saltandswim-diy.

When I try to register my product, I get a message that "the purchase date must be a valid date in mm/dd/yyyy format and cannot be a date in the future." I'm entering the date correctly. Why am I getting this message?

Normally, when people have issues with the purchase date on warranty registrations, it is because the date & time are not set correctly on their PC. To check this setting on a Windows PC, go to the Control Panel and select the Date and Time option. On a Mac, click the time indicator at the top right of your display and select "Open Date & Time". Adjust time time as needed or choose the option to set the time automatically (which gets the correct time from the Internet).

What is Salt & Swim 3C?

Salt & Swim 3C is a Salt Chlorinator - it turns ordinary salt into chlorine automatically.

Why is salt chlorination a good thing?

Salt chlorination delivers 3Cs - the comfort of silky-soft water, that doesn’t turn eyes red, bleach clothing or toys and it eliminates the chlorine odor associated with traditional factory-produced chlorine. 

It also delivers convenience.  The convenience of not having to buy and lug heavy buckets and jugs of chlorine each season and it takes the guess work out of chlorinating your pool.  No more unhealthy chemical highs and lows and it all happens automatically – that’s convenient.    

Quite possibly the best thing about Salt & Swim salt chlorination is the cost!  You can save 50% or more on the chlorine you buy today.

How can you save 50% on chlorine costs?

The Salt & Swim 3C salt cell produces a ton of 100% pure available chlorine – literally.  Not all chlorine is the same.  The deal you get at a discount store might not be a deal at all.  It’s important you know about the chlorine you use to sanitize your pool.  You might just be shocked at what you’re dumping in your water, and the money you’re wasting. 

Chlorine Purity Comparison  

Chlorine Type

Percentage of pure, Available Chlorine

Salt Chlorination

100% Pure Available Chlorine


90% Available Chlorine

Calcium Hypochlorite

65% Available Chlorine


60% Available Chlorine

Lithium Hypochlorite

35% Available Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine

10% Available Chlorine

Now take into account the price you pay per pound or per gallon depending on the form/s of chlorine you use. 

Chlorine Equivalency
A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces 200 lbs of 100% pure available chlorine which is equivalent to:

Chlorine Type

Amount of Chlorine needed to equal Chlorine produced by a single Salt & Swim 3C Cell


225 pounds

Calcium Hypochlorite

308 pounds


333 pounds

Lithium Hypochlorite

571 pounds

Liquid Chlorine

208 gallons

Chlorine Comparison Costs:

Chlorine Type

National Average cost per pound or gallon

Salt & Swim 3C

$1.15 per pound


$2.29 - $2.49 per pound

Calcium Hypochlorite

$2.00 per pound


$3.20 per pound

Lithium Hypochlorite

$3.99 per pound

Liquid Chlorine

$1.70 - $2.99 per gallon