How does VS Omni reduce pump noise in my backyard?

Turning down the pump speed not only saves energy, but also means dramatically turning down the pump operating noise in your backyard. VS Omni pumps runs whisper-quiet most of the day – so your backyard stays calm and peaceful.

Is there a VS Omni variable-speed pump that would be a perfect replacement for my current pool pump?

There’s a selection of four 230V VS Omni variable-speed models to ensure there’s an ideal pump to provide a straightforward, drop-in replacement and optimum performance for any pool. The VS Omni range does not include 115V models.

Can I add VS Omni smart pool control without replacing my pump?

No. VS Omni smart pool control is integrated with VS Omni variable-speed pumps and requires that you replace your pump.

Which pieces of pool equipment could I control with VS Omni, and how much control will I have?

VS Omni provides smart control for most people’s entire pool pad. You can schedule or adjust your pool pump, heater and pool light from your smartphone, from anywhere. You may also add an additional VS Omni Smart Relay to control an additional feature – such as a booster pump, backyard lights or water feature.

How does VS Omni control my attached pool spa?

Once you’ve added Hayward actuators to your 3-way and 2-way directional valves, VS Omni will enable you to turn your spa on or off with one touch of your favorite settings. You can enjoy fully automatic spa control with none of the hassle of adjusting valve and heater settings. It will even turn on lights for a night spa!

Once VS Omni is installed, is it difficult to expand the system if I add more features to my pool or backyard?

If you decide to add an additional feature to your pool system at a later date, simply have an additional VS Omni Smart Relay installed by your pool pro. This will enable you to add lights, an additional water feature or a booster pump for a pressure cleaner.

How many Smart Relays come with VS Omni and can I add additional Smart Relays?

One Smart Relay comes as standard with every VS Omni variable-speed pump. You can add one additional Smart Relay for control of an extra device.

Does VS Omni work with Amazon Alexa voice control?

Yes. Amazon Alexa offers convenient voice control to for your entire VS Omni system. Once you’ve added the Hayward Skill to your Alexa app, just “Ask Hayward” to turn on lights, set your heater temperature, adjust your pump speed or switch on favorite settings.

Which popular smart home automations work with VS Omni?

Smart home automation technology is becoming increasingly popular and many people like to use one app to control multiple systems. Hayward VS Omni can be linked to other leading smart home systems including Nest, Control4, Elan, Vantage, Crestron and Elan.

Where can I download the Omni app for iOS and Android phones and tablets?

Download the latest version of the FREE Omni app from the iTunes or Google App Store, or visit