How strong does the internet connection need to be to work with VS Omni?

Where your VS Omni system is installed, you need to be able to connect to the router and get 3 Mbps upload and download speeds to maintain a reliable connection. You can also hard wire an Ethernet cable to the VS Omni Control Pad if available.

How do I use my pool equipment if my internet is not working?

Your schedules will always work - even if the internet is not working. If you need to control your pool equipment while the internet is unavailable, you can use the touch screen VS Omni Control Pad to do anything that you can do with the phone app.

Can anyone who downloads the Omni app control my pool equipment?

Anyone can download the app, but in order to use your equipment the users would need to have your login name and password or be set up as a secondary user for your controller.

Where can I download the VS Omni user guide?

You can download the Quick Start Guide or User Manual at

What is the warranty on VS Omni equipment?

3 years for the Super Pump VS 700 Omni, the MaxFlo VS 500 Omni, and the TriStar VS 900 Omni. The TriStar VS 950 Omni has a 4 year warranty.

What should I do to get VS Omni installed on my pool?

Contact your preferred pool pro, or find a dealer here. As part of the Hayward Expert Line, VS Omni is only available from pool professional dealers.