Can a heat pump be installed indoors?

  • Generally no. Heat Pumps work by transferring heat from the surrounding air to the pool water. If a heat pump is installed indoors there must be a continuous supply of warm air from which the heat pump can extract heat. If you must heat the air in the room before the heat pump can extract that heat to heat the pool, there would be no benefit to the heat pump.

Can a heat pump be installed under a deck?

  • No. Any installation that causes the air being discharged from the top of the heat pump to be recirculated back into the heat pump will cause a loss of capacity and efficiency in the heat pump. Installation of a heat pump under a deck, or a low over hang will allow the air being discharged to be drawn back in by the heat pump.   

 What are the benefits of a heat pump vs. gas heat?

  • A Hayward Heat Pump will keep your pool warm through the normal swim season for approx. 80% LESS than it would cost to warm it with gas heat. There is no need for gas piping, or an unsightly propane tank and less annual maintenance is required.

 How hot should the water be coming out of the heat pump?

  • The water leaving the heat pump will be 3 to 5° warmer than the water entering the heat pump. Since this amount of temperature change is difficult to feel in the pool, a better way of checking how well the heat pump is working is to check the difference in the air being pulled in and the air being discharged out the top of the heat pump. The air being discharged out the top should be considerably cooler than the air being pulled in… normally 15 to 20° cooler.

 My heat pump was working fine yesterday afternoon. This morning it is much cooler and the heat pump is showing LP on the display. Why?

  • Hayward heat pumps will cut off on low refrigerant pressure (LP) when the outside temperature drops to approximately 45° Fahrenheit. The heat pump will restart automatically when the heat pump warms back to approximately 65°. This feature is to protect the heat pump, as running in low temperatures could cause the heat pump to freeze up and damage the components.

Why does my heat pump shut off and display a PS fault code, every time my pump turns off?

  • The PS code indicates that the water pressure switch in the heat pump is open, meaning there is no water flowing through the heat pump. The heat pump requires a minimum of 30 gallons per minute flowing through it to operate.

 How long will it take a heat pump to heat my pool?

  • The initial start up heating time will vary depending on the size of the pool and the outdoor temperature. While there are other factors that will increase or decrease the heat up time, these two factors are most critical. In most situations an initial heat up period of 4 to 5 days can be expected. However, after the pool has warmed to the desired temperature the heat pump should be able to maintain this temperature with a run time of only a few hours per day.

Solar Covers / Thermal Barriers
Why does Hayward recommend the use of a solar blanket?
Is it necessary to use a solar blanket if I’m using a heat pump to heat my pool?

  • Pool covers/ solar blankets minimize the loss of heat from the pool through evaporation. 90% of heat loss in swimming pools comes through evaporative cooling. This can equate to 15° heat loss in one night. A solar blanket can reduce heat loss by 70%! It is not a requirement to have a solar cover if you use a heat pump, but you may require a larger heat pump to maintain temperature, and your electricity consumption will be much higher without one.

Is the refrigerant in Hayward heat pumps environmentally safe?

  • Yes. Hayward uses R-410A refrigerant in all their heat pumps.

What do the abbreviations FIP, MIP and SKT mean?

  • These terms refer to the type of pipe thread.
    (1) FIP – Female Iron Pipe thread - accepts a male threaded iron pipe.
    (2) MIP – Male Iron Pipe thread with a male PVC end.
    (3) SKT – socket connection is designed to receive pipe.