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Booster Pump (LITBP11)

EcoStar™ and EcoStar SVRS™ (LITECOSB11)

Max-Flo II® Medium Head Pump Series (LITMAXFLII11)

Max-Flo® Medium Head Pump Series (LITMAXFL10)

Super II™ Full Rated (LITSUPIIFR11)

Super II™ Max Rated (LITSUPIIMX11)

Super Pump® Medium Head Pump Series (LITSUPER11)

TriStar® Energy Efficient, High-Performance Pump Series (LITTSFR11)

TriStar® Max Rated, High-Performance Pump Series (LITTSMR11)

TriStar® Waterfall Pump (LITTSWF06)


Perflex® Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter Series (LITPERING10)

Pro™ Series Plus Side-Mount Sand Filters (LITPROPL11)

Pro™ Series Top-Mount Sand Filters (LITPROTM11)

Pro™ Series Side-Mount Sand Filters (LITPROSM10)

Pro-Grid™ Vertical Grid D.E. Filters (LITPG10)

S200 High Rate Sand Filter (LITS20011)

Star-Clear™ Cartridge Filters (LITSTARC10)

Star-Clear™ Plus Cartridge Filters (LITSCP12)

SwimClear™ Quad-Cluster™ Cartridge Filters (LITSWC10)

Vari-Flo® XL Multiport Control Valves (LITVF11)


H-Series Pool & Spa Heaters (LITHS11)

HeatPro® Heat Pumps For In-ground Pools and Spas (LITHTPRO10)

Spa Heaters CSPA Series Heaters (LITCZSPA10)


DV5000™ Automatic Pool Cleaner (LITDV510)

Navigator® Pro (LITNAVIPRO11)

Pool Vac Classic™ (LITPVCL10)

Pool Vac XL™ (LITPVXL11)

SharkVAC® Robotic Pool Cleaner (LITSHVAC11)

TigerShark® QC Robotic Pool Cleaner (LITTGRQC11)

TigerShark® Robotic Pool Cleaner (LITTGR11)


AstroLite™ & DuraNiche™ Underwater Lighting System (LITASTRO10)

AstroLite™ II Underwater Lighting (LITASTROII11)

ColorLogic® 2.5 (LITCL12VBRO09)

ColorLogic® 4.0 (LITCOLBRO10)

Jiffy Niche™ Vinyl/Fiberglass Pool and Spa Niche (LITJIFNICHE09)

Sanitization & Automation

Aqua Plus® (LITAPB10)

Aqua Plus® and Aqua Plus 16V Automation and Salt Chlorination (LITAP16VB10)

Automation (LITAUTOB11)

Sense and Dispense® Chemistry Automation (LITSD11)


Aqua Rite® (LITAQRSTF11)

Salt & Swim™ (brochure) (LITSLSWB11)

Salt & Swim™ (sell sheet) (LITSLSWSS11)

Salt & Swim™ Salt Chlorination System (LITSLSWSTF11)

Salt Chlorination Brochure (LITSLTB11)

Salt Chlorination Product Brochure (LITAQRBR10)


Aqua Connect® Remote Pool Management System (LITAQCONB11)

Aqua Connect® Remote Pool Management System Sell Sheet (LITAQCON11)

Automation (LITAUTOB11)

OnCommand™ & E-Command® 4 (LITONCOM11)

Solar Controls (LITSOLAR10)

Wireless and Wired Remote Controls (LITREMOTEB11)


2012 New Products (LITNP12)

Comfort (tri-fold) (LITCOMFB09)

Hayward Energy Solutions® (LITESB10)

Power-Vac and Super-Vac Pool Vacuums (LITVAC11)

Skimmers and Accessories (LITSKIM10)

Stratum® Vacuum Release System (LITVRSSTF10)